Small Business Payroll Software
Paying Employees and Checks
Checks for the current and prior year are can be viewed, edited or reprinted
Set miscellanous earnings in addition to hourly and salary
Allows for overtime hours and double-time hours
User-defined departmental codes
Up to 9 user-defined deductions
Exempt employees from deductions
Set up to 11 default pay frequencies including weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly and monthly
Allows for employee advances
Automatic processing of advances
Vacation pay tracking
Generate payroll journal report and complete pay history
Filing Taxes and Tax Forms
Calculates Federal and Provincial taxes
Calculates CPP and EI
Generate T4s and summary report
Receiver General Remittance Report
Monthly Journal Report
Check Register Report
Deduction Reports
Employee Record, Ledger, Advance Journal and YTD Reports
Print reports at any point in time for any date range
Other Features
Simplified interface with Payroll Navigator
Automated monthly backup feature creates backups for you
Add-to-toolbar for instant access to commonly used features
Integrated user account maintenance to define user accounts and permissions
Unlimited employees
Support and Updates
On-line help
Integrated training videos
Per Incident and all-inclusive support plans available
Web-based software and tax table updates


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